SMCC: When fuel clause GEBE will be corrected?

SMCC: When fuel clause GEBE will be corrected?

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - NV GEBE explains on its website in one of its Frequently Asked Questions what the fuel clause is, the Sint Maarten Consumers Coalition (SMCC) said at a press conference on Thursday and later in a statement.

“Fuel oil (diesel) is used to generate electricity in Sint Maarten. The cost of fuel oil greatly outweighs the cost of other things necessary to provide our customers with electricity. Some of this cost is recovered in the basic electricity rate structure, while customers pay the remainder as a Fuel Clause. The Fuel Clause allows both increases and decreases in fuel costs to be passed on to customers automatically. Oil prices worldwide in the last 30 years have dropped! Why the fuel costs decreased is not being passed on to the consumers?

“The St. Maarten based advisors of Mango Green Energy have on many occasions in the past offered GEBE advice and presentations. They even invited them to their presentation in Brazil in 2011 at the Smart Electricity Symposium. Many countries around the world are making use of their concept, which was endorsed by the UNDP as sustainable energy for all. What is their concept? They present solutions on how to Integrate a multi-functional infrastructure of energy distribution systems to reduce cost of services to the clients. Transition to a digital distribution infrastructure, gives utility companies many new tools to help their customers save energy or water.

“GEBE customers are still waiting on GEBE to deliver the benefits of the new systems like other utilities have delivered many cost reduction options for their customers. When will the fuel costs be decreased and being passed on to the consumers?”

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