Teacher training in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to be Strengthened

Teacher training in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to be Strengthened

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SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - On February 8 and 9 2020, a delegation consisting of representatives from the Teachers Training Institute in Aruba IPA and OCW on Bonaire had meetings with the various stakeholders in Education on St. Maarten.

This visit was to appraise the Educational stakeholders on St. Maarten of the existence and the developments of Kibrahacha as well as to establish if there are any needs concerning teacher training and or further team development. It was also to indicate if there are any specific needs for St Maarten to be part of this partnership.

Kibrahacha, which was established out of a partnership protocol, signed in February 2019 by the Ministers of Curacao, Aruba and Sint Maarten and the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science (OCW) to strengthen the teacher training in the Caribbean part of the kingdom. Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) started a first exploration on the ABC-islands: meetings with training institutions and school boards to discuss the possibilities and a Steering committee on ministerial level was formed. The Steering committee consist of representatives of these Islands and the Netherlands. Mr. Nolly Oleana, Mrs. Yvette Halley, Mr. Wladimir Kleinmoedig - Mrs. Anne Marie Proveyer.

In December 2019, a Central committee was formed and the Kibrahacha was established, a chief coordinator was appointed and coordinator duos per island was appointed. In January 2021, 9 Professional Development Schools on Curacao Aruba and Bonaire became part of the Kibrahacha Partnership in Training Together.

This delegation consisting of two Central Committee members travelled to Sint Maarten namely, Mrs. Marilyn Richardson ( Instituto Pedogagoco Arubano), Miss Marisol Croes , Chief Coordinator and Julsika van Russum .

This Delegation met with the Minister of ECYS Drs. Rodolphe Samuel, his cabinet, the Secretary General and the members of the management team. Additional meetings was convened with Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports drs Rodolphe Samuel, representatives of the schoolboard members for primary, secondary education and USM.

In the Meeting with representatives of the University of St. Martin (USM). In attendance was the President of USM, Dr Antonio Carmona-Baez, who is also the representative of St. Maarten in the Central Committee. Also in attendance was the Division Head of the General Arts and Education, Mrs. Juliana Hodge- Shipley, the UVI at USM Administrator, Mrs. Marva Sam- Arrindell, and the Dean of Academics, Dr. Rolinda Carter.

All stakeholders received detailed information on the Vision of the Partnership regarding Training Together and Caribbean Teacher. In addition, the different roles and responsibilities within Kibrahacha now and in the future were provided. The Workplace Learning was also addressed during the presentation.

Kibrahacha has several goals in relation to its Workplace curriculum and these are outlined as such: Over the next 4 years, Kibrahacha will develop the workplace curriculum, and connect it to critical professional situations. 50% learning in practice (at the workplace / Professional Development School); 50% learning at the institution.

Professional guidance at the workplace: every Professional Development School has a qualified and trained school trainer. To our own competence profile: the Caribbean teacher of the 21st century. Having external assessments at the end of the training.

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