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Police unions take action in support of pay claim; won’t issue minor fines

Photo: DutchNews Photo: DutchNews

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Police unions are taking industrial action by refusing to hand out fines for minor offences on Monday in support of their 2.5% pay claim.

The police will continue to act if there is a threat to public order, the coronavirus rules are broken or if motorists are speeding, but will issue warnings to minor offenders, the ACP police union said.

The union says the cabinet has refused to ‘come up with a decent offer,’ hence the need for the protest. Talks on a new police pay and conditions agreement have been stalled since December.

The police unions are calling for a 2.5% pay rise over 16 months and two one-off payments of €350 and €300. That, they say, will result in small increase in spending power in 2022.

Justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus has said he will not go further than a 1.3% pay rise and two pay-outs of €300.


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