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MP Pantophlet: What is the fuss?

MP George Pantophlet MP George Pantophlet

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Member of Parliament (MP) George Pantophlet is asking the people of St. Maarten to allow him this brief distraction from his quest for debt cancellation, to address a very serious matter, the MP said in a press statement on Friday from his faction office.

MP Pantophlet thought he misread the paragraph of an article appearing in The Daily Herald newspaper on Thursday entitled “Sarah: Civil Code does not contain amendments made by Parliament”. 

What caught the MP’s attention was the phrase: “Then there is this constant fuss in Parliament about an initiative law amendment of 2011 by the NA [National Alliance] faction to address short term labor contracts that - in view of some MP’s -is being frustrated.” 

“After reading this, MP Pantophlet looked up the meaning of the word 'fuss'. The definition that he found in the Oxford Dictionary read as follows: a display of unnecessary excitement, activity, or interest. 

“Is MP Wescot-Williams saying that fighting the abuse of the short-term labor contract is unnecessary? Is she saying that fighting for job security for the people of St. Maarten is an unnecessary activity? Is she saying that fighting for the best interest of the workers of St. Maarten is a needless act?

“It appears that MP Wescot-Williams does not know whether there are persons affected by the abuse of the short contract, the abuse that causes persons to be unemployed, the abuse that causes persons to be unable to meet their financial obligations such as loans, utility bills, food, and rent just to name a few. 

“MP Pantophlet is happy that at least the author of the article, MP Wescot-Williams, acknowledged that the National Alliance Members of Parliament are the authors of this initiative law to abolish the abuse of short-term contracts and that the National Alliance Members of Parliament are making a constant 'fuss'. 

“MP Pantophlet ended by saying "for MP Wescot-Williams' information, we will continue the fuss because the people deserve better," the MP faction press statement concludes.

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