MP Arrindell seeking information on Surveillance Cameras

MP Arrindell seeking information on Surveillance Cameras

MP Akeem Arrindell MP Akeem Arrindell

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Member of Parliament (MP) Akeem Arrindell is seeking information from the Minister of Justice regarding the Surveillance Camera System that has been installed, according to a Wednesday press release from the MP.

MP Arrindell has formally requested information about the Security Surveillance Camera's placed at nearly every intersection around the island. “I am curious to know the success rate of this system especially with the recent robbery over past weekend where an innocent life was lost,” MP Arrindell queried.

“I am curious to know how many crimes or road incidents have these Camera Systems helped solve thus far? Is there a monitoring department staffed around the clock watching these cameras? How many staff per shift that actually do monitoring of these cameras, or are the Cameras only checked when there is a request? Are all Cameras fully operational?

“Is there a maintenance program on these cameras to ensure no downtime or as little downtime as possible? In Ministers personal opinion do you believe sufficient Cameras are placed around island? Safety of our citizens is of utmost importance, and all must be done within ministries power to ensure such,” MP Akeem Arrindell concludes in his press statement.

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