Successful Dutch/French collaboration leads to arrests and discovery of firearm

Successful Dutch/French collaboration leads to arrests and discovery of firearm

(police photo's) (police photo's)

SINT MAARTEN (LOWLANDS) - Today February 10th, 2024, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing cooperation between French and Dutch authorities, as demonstrated by the successful implementation of a signed treaty between the Dutch and French authorities whereby during the Jouvert morning jump up a successful joint operation took place.

The treaty, aimed at enhancing cooperation between both agencies, has been put into practice for some time at the operational level with remarkable results.

During this event, which showcased the depth of collaboration between the two authorities, a joint patrol unit was stationed in the Lowlands area.

Their mission was to conduct joint controls aimed at maintaining public safety and security.

Additionally, in the Cupecoy area, a casino was robbed, resulting in an undisclosed amount of cash being taken. Due to these types of crimes, reinforcement is of high priority.

This collaboration not only assists Dutch and French citizens but also ensures that individuals who come into contact with the law are better served with an understanding of the processes and procedures to be followed.

It was during one such control that a vehicle was stopped, leading to the discovery of a firearm.

Swift action was taken as both the driver and passenger of the vehicle were promptly arrested. They were later transported to the Police headquarters in Philipsburg, where they will remain pending further investigation.

Today's events underscore the importance of continued cooperation and coordination between authorities.

Such partnerships are not only beneficial but crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities.

We commend the efforts of all involved in today's operation and reaffirm our commitment to working together towards a safer, more secure future for all.

POLICE Picture4 Jouvert Jump

Dutch/French cooperation during Jouvert Jump Up.

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