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R4CR Quick Win Round 2 off to a Flying Start. 23 Proposals Received

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Resources For Community Resilience (R4CR) program closed the request for proposals for “Quick-Win round 2” on April 2. A total of 23 proposals were received requesting almost 1 million dollars in funding, far exceeding the $750,000 dollar budget reserved for “Quick-Win round 2”. “Our team is very happy with this result as it shows that the local organizations see the benefits of the program and have increased the quality of their project plans to meet the strict requirements set by the World Bank” commented Rolf Hunink, R4CR Team Leader.

The R4CR program includes a grant scheme as funding mechanism for community and social rehabilitation initiatives on Sint Maarten and focuses on improving the capacity of local civil society organizations (CSO’s) in reconstruction and resilience activities post hurricane Irma.

The R4CR program is financed by the Government of the Netherlands via the Sint Maarten Trust Fund which is administered by the World Bank and monitored by the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB).

The grant scheme will be active for four years (2020-2024) and will provide grants to local CSO’s (also known as NGO’s) to execute projects focused on reconstruction, resilience and improved service provision. Project activities by registered CSO’s can cover subject categories such as neighborhood initiatives, sports/recreation, nature/environment, culture, poverty relief, day care centers/after school programs, youth employment, skills development, psycho-social support and gender based violence.

In the first year of implementation two “Quick-Win rounds” are foreseen. The “Quick-Win rounds” have been designed for projects that can be completed within six months with a moderate budget. ”Quick-Win round 1” started in September 2020. Twelve projects were selected with a total budget of $452,481. Those projects are currently in the final stages of completion. “Quick-Win round 2” has a total budget of $750,000 with a maximum of $60,000 per project.

Following four general information sessions on “Quick-win round 2” organized in February, the R4CR team decided to schedule an additional four explanatory sessions at its premises on the A.T. Illidge Road to guide attendants systematically through the main application documents: the Technical and Financial Proposal. The explanatory sessions were held in-person to allow CSO’s to get acquainted with the local R4CR staff but also to give them the opportunity to pose their questions in person and receive direct feedback. Due to COVID-19 restrictions each in-person sessions was limited to a maximum of 10 attendees

The official call for proposals started on March 1, 2021 and the deadline to submit a project proposal was on April 2 2021. The incoming proposals are now being evaluated and all applicants will receive a reply within the next 2 weeks.

For more information about the R4CR program or an overview of all current projects please visit or the Facebook page (R4CRSXM).

QUICK Jose explaining VOY Foundation

Jose Sommers of R4CR during the information session.

QUICK Rolf explaining

Rolf Hunink of R4CR giving explanations during a info session.


MP Wescot-Williams wants guarantees from Govt for the Uninterrupted Continuation of the Airport Reconstruction

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescot-Williams: “I want hard guarantees from Government for the uninterrupted continuation of the airport reconstruction, since they condoned sacking the CEO.” 

Brian Mingo, the CEO of the Princess Juliana International Airport has been fired, with 2 months notice, and relieved of his duties immediately. This act by the Supervisory Holding Board has been long in the making and it would appear the 3-man board now feels strengthened to push through with Mingo’s dismissal,  notwithstanding the warning signs that appeared following their first attempt to dismiss Mingo in December of 2020. 

The airport is at such a crucial stage at this very moment that is seems nearly criminal for anyone to  amateurishly mess with the reconstruction. That the Government of St. Maarten would condone such an act is equally incriminating. 

One would think that the Holding Board would have reconsidered its approach following their blunder in December, but apparently they did not. 

Brian Mingo and the PJIA operating board would have to decide how they respond to this decision of  the Holding Board, but I hold the Government/Shareholder responsible for any and all fallout from this clearly politically motivated decision. 

By (condoning) this act, the Government of St. Maarten is calling into question its dealing with the airport, the dealings of the Holding and those of the operating company and I foresee a fallout that will jeopardize the airport, its reconstruction and the many families who rely on the PJIA for their livelihood. This victory, if considered such, will be short-lived. 

It is impossible to expect that a project that is at such a crucial stage and a player is forcefully removed, will just move along as if nothing happened. Too many stakes and stakeholders are involved for this to just go down and be over with. 

I have questioned the wisdom of this modus operandi by the PJIA Holding Board in December, to which the Prime Minister eventually responded. 

This was her answer: “ …On Thursday, January 21, a virtual confidential meeting was held with the Supervisory Board of Directors and the Managing Director of the Princess Juliana International Airport Holding Company to receive insight on the process that was followed that led to the confidential letter that was sent to the CEO of the Princess Juliana International Operating Company by the Holding. Clarification was provided by each member present. It was established that the questions that were raised by one of the Supervisory Board members were adequately addressed. All individuals agreed to work together  in the best interest of the Airport. Underlying documentation was requested which was recently received and are currently reviewed. The Council of Ministers as Shareholder continues to monitor situation to ensure that the Corporate Governance regulations and guidelines are applied properly.” 

Before I start accusing anyone of misleading Parliament, I offer the Prime Minister to clarify what transpired between the date the above statement was made to parliament and the decision of the Holding Board of April 7, 2021 to dismiss the CEO of the Airport. 

Can the Government assure Parliament and the people  that he decision to fire the CEO will not delay or jeopardize the PJIA, its employees and/or the reconstruction? 

Can the Government assure Parliament that if the current Dutch/EIB financing is halted, there is a backup plan? And thirdly, how involved was the minister or were the ministers in the decision of the Holding Board to dismiss the CEO? 

In addition to these questions, I wish to  repeat my questions of January 11TH to the Prime Minster on this topic and I also look forward to these answers post haste. These questions relate to the Holding’s letter to Mingo in December 2020. 

  1. Please provide me with the Service Agreement between the Airport Operating Board and Mr. B. Mingo. To whom is Mr. Mingo accountable?
  2. What is the vision of this Government for the airport? Please provide this in writing.
  3. Please provide a time line of the airport reconstruction funding, the players in the process and the activities undertaken.
  4. Provide all correspondence with respect to Mr. Mingo’s functioning from ”key” stakeholders.
  5. Who has assessed Mr. Mingo’s functioning? Please provide.
  6. Also provide the airport latest financial data.
  7. Was Mr. Mingo offered a payout? If so, how much and under what conditions? Please provide. 

Clearly with all the pressure on the PJIA project from so many different angles from the onset, something had to give, and this it what that appears to be.   

“I await an urgent and clear  statement from the government of St. Maarten, namely the Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Mrs. S. Jacobs and Minister of TEATT, Ms. L. De Weever.” concluded the MP in her statement.


MP Duncan Inquires about Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Healthcare and Social Services

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Member of Parliament (MP) Solange Ludmila Duncan sent a letter to the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor inquiring about the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare sector and in particular mental health and social service provision.

“Covid-19 has not only had a tremendous effect on our economy but also on the mental health of our people. There has been a visible increase in mentally ill persons walking the roads lately. There also appears to be more homelessness since the onset of the pandemic. Government has a responsibility to ensure that our most vulnerable residents receive the full range of welfare services available to them as per the law,” stated Duncan.

On Wednesday 7th April, the Member of Parliament sent a number of questions to the Minister of VSA in order to ascertain the Ministry’s current policies and processes for providing support to persons who are in dire need of mental health and social services.

“Covid-19 has exacerbated the gaps that already existed in our healthcare sector. For persons who have lost both jobs and loved ones due to Covid-19, it is important that they do not remain in emotional isolation. In addition to food programs, we also need social outreach programs,” noted the MP.

“I have also inquired whether the Ministry is monitoring and evaluating the provision of telemedicine and teletherapy. Some patients have not physically seen their doctors in a year. Diagnoses are still being conducted through phone conversations. This has increased efficiency on one end but what will be the general policy moving forward?” added Duncan.

Duncan has also asked the Minister of VSA about budget provision to the Mental Health Foundation and any other organizations who provide social services to the general public.

“With Government’s current financial constraints it will be difficult to increase the amount of services being provided. It is important however to collect as much data as possible on the needs of our people including the varying levels of poverty and vulnerability and the capacities of the social systems in place. I would like to see a State of Health report that will paint a clear picture of the impact of Covid-19 on our entire healthcare sector and possible ways forward,” concluded the MP.


MP Romou and SMPYA Launches Young Artist & Athlete of the Month Award of Excellence Program

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Member of Parliament (MP) Angelique Romou in collaboration with the St. Martin Promoting Young Ambassadors foundation have officially launched their monthly Youth Award of Excellence Program where local young artists and athletes will be recognized for their outstanding contributions in the arts and sports.

Using an established selection criteria, MP Romou, Trainers, Teachers, Coaches of the various youth organizations of arts and sports along with the SXM Young Ambassadors will nominate individuals each month. The arts and sports will have nominees every single month.

The awardees will be selected based on the selection criteria. The Youth Excellence award besides the selection criteria given should go to one who sets a good example for others and exhibits the greatest all around attributes of respect, leadership, character and teamwork, which are all attributes of a SXM Young Ambassador.

In February, MP Romou in collaboration with SMPYA recognized Keacy Carty and Reshawn Eustace for their sports achievements and it sparked the initiative to recognize our youth excelling in sports and arts recognized on a monthly basis.  

This month’s awardees come from The National Institute of arts (NIA) and from The Performance Sports Academy (PSA). The Awardees for the month of March 2021 are namely David Herron recognized in the sport of Capoeira, Shanelle Jean in the art of music, Youth Orchestra Trumpet, Mila Grandtner in the art of Dance, Nahya Boasman in the sport of Gymnastics, Dean Swerdel in the sport of Basketball.

Special recognition to Keanu Jacobs-Guishard in the sport of Baseball. Keanu is currently playing for the University of South Florida, Bulls baseball team, Divison-1 Baseball. Keanu made a lasting impression in a game just over a month ago as a freshman in College with his first career homerun that secured the win for his team.

On behalf of the SMPYA, the teachers, coaches and trainers involved in selecting the awardees and myself, we would like to congratulate each recipient this month, your determination, discipline, workmanship and love for your craft is inspirational and we look forward to seeing many more accomplishments locally and internationally because the sky is beyond the limit”.

A special thank you also goes out to all the parents who encourage and support their children every step of the way, your love gives them that extra motivation to excel. MP Romou concluded.


MP Emmanuel: Four months into the year and still no 2021 budget

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - “We are in the month of April and the country is still without a national budget 2021,” said Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Christopher Emmanuel on Wednesday, adding that the Minister of Finance has gone completely silent on when the budget will reach Parliament for debate.

In the meantime, Emmanuel stressed, government is pressuring civil servants to work on reforms and other initiatives that has to be funded from the same budget. “A ship with no captain or rudder is what we have here. Nobody seems to know where we are going and nobody in this government seems to care,” MP Emmanuel said.

Article 100 of the country’s constitution states that the country must submit its budget to Parliament by September 1, in other words the budget for 2021 should have been at Parliament since September 2020. “The budget is 7 months and 7 days late. First we were told we would have it mid-February, then Mid-March. Whereas by now the government should be working on the budget for 2022, we are in April and still have no budget,” the MP said. He added that the Minister of Finance has once again added another notch of failure and incompetence to his long list of failures.

The Minister of Finance, the MP continued, seems to harbor very little respect for Parliament “judging from the so-called overview of the country’s liquidity position which he submitted last week. What we received from the Minister of Finance was one page with colors and numbers with no supporting documents or explanation about what exactly he submitted to Parliament,” the MP said.

He explained that the bottom-line of the document showed a total sum of NAf 32 million guilders apparently at the Central Bank of St. Maarten and Curacao as per March 26. “No other information was offered. We don’t know if that was before or after salaries, what other projections are in terms of income and expenditure, nothing. Just a number.

“To compound the obvious game playing, the President of Parliament declared that this information was good enough for him as an overview of the country’s liquidity position, and this from a person who used to criticize his predecessor for playing the same game of dodge,” the MP said.

MP Emmanuel said the lack of a budget at a time when St. Maarten and its citizens are looking ahead towards some sort of economic recovery is yet another failure on the part of Government. The situation is further confused by the Prime Minister who “all of a sudden decides to protest the Dutch conditions” and has refused to sign the implementation agenda which guides many of the reforms and government plans that should be funded by the budget.

“And there is still no guarantee that the budget will actually pass,” MP Emmanuel said. “We don’t have an economic plan from this government, we don’t have a plan for tourism recovery, for diversification, no plan for entrepreneur support, no plan for nation building on an economic level, wealth creation for our people, we have nothing. And we have no budget so this government has no direction. This is the government we have today,” MP Emmanuel said.


Minister of Justice Richardson meets with mental health entities

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - On Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, representatives of various entities responsible for the treatment & care of persons with mental health concerns on the island met at the request of the Minister of Justice, Ms. Anna E. Richardson.

The meeting was requested by the Hon. Minister as an urgency due to an evident rise of mental health reports and sightings on the island. In attendance were; Clinical Psychologist; Dr. Judith Arndell, Chief Corps Police Sint Maarten; Mr. Carl John, President of Board & Interim Director of Turning Point; Dr. Lloyd Richardson, Ministry of VSA Legal Advisor; Lyndon Lewis, Interim Director of Mental Health Foundation; Ms. Kitty Pelswijks, Drug Addiction Counselor; Mrs. Tasheena Thomas, Board Member of Directors of Turning Point; Mr. Clarence Richardson and support staff of the Minister.

Over the past weeks, the Minister has been made aware of multiple reports and sightings of persons engaging in violent conduct and wandering the streets in a disorientated manner as a possible result of substance abuse. The Minister stated that it was brought to her attention that a new drug known as Fentanyl - a powerful synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent – has now become an available drug being used by substance abusers on the island.

“I am not an expert in this area, which is why I requested this meeting with all the relevant parties to build a better understanding of what we’re dealing with and figure out what needs to be done to mitigate the situation that has been plaguing the community for a long time”, stated the Minister. The Minister recognizes work executed by the Mental Health Foundation, Turning Point, and independent Professionals – have been doing over the past years and the impact that they’ve had on our community. The Minister further stated that, “while I do know, and we all know, that financial limitations has been a driving force as to why a lot more can’t and hasn’t been done yet, it’s imperative that we solidify a unification of all entities along with the support of the Ministry of Justice”.

Chief John indicated that in the past months there has been a surge in calls to the Police related to mental health. Over a span of 4 months, the police received over 65 phone calls reporting incidents and sightings of persons that appeared to be under the influence of some form of hallucinogen.

A breakdown of the numbers showed that in January 2021, the Police received 23 calls, 18 calls in February, 21 calls in March, and 6 calls in April thus far, triggering an urgency for measures to be taken. Chief John emphasized that one of the shortcomings that officers are facing is not being properly equipped and trained to handle persons with mental health issues.

“Having the appropriate training and being properly equipped is essential for the safety of both the officers and the person(s) living with a mental health disorder. Whenever an officer is confronted with such a person, the Mental Health Foundation is contacted to provide assistance and their expertise. The Police Force and Mental Health Foundation has been building a working relationship over the years and thus far has proven to be an effective one”, concluded Chief John. Chief John hopes that in time all officers will be trained to properly manage situations when confronted with a person with mental health issues.

“Mental health issues and disorders have been increasing on Sint Maarten since 2020 due to COVID-19. There are a number of factors that influence this increase in cases over the past year, most of which are a direct impact of the current pandemic. What’s to note is that the Mental Health Foundation is not only recording challenges with known clients, but also noticing an increase in new clients.

One of the biggest challenges we face as an institute with new clients is not being able to issue medication or treatment due to lack of their medical history. Not being able to test if the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol makes it difficult to administer any form of medicated help which results in a delay in the start of medicinal treatment process.

Another related issue is the lack of secure space for clients to effectively provide proper health service”, stated The Mental Health Foundation. Currently, the Mental Health Foundation is limited to one facility in which there is only one crisis room, making it a complex process when dealing with different forms of mental health issues & crises clients.

The Interim Director of Turning Point, Dr. Lloyd Richardson, also emphasized the issues that Turning Point has faced and are still facing over the years. Because of laws and financial constraints, Turning Points faces limitations that prohibits them from acting in their full capacity, stated by Dr. Richardson.

Turning Point currently faces obstacles that prohibits them from being able to fully care for their clients as an entity and which also obstructs a working relationship with the Mental Health Foundation. Dr. Lloyd hopes that this meeting will be “a start to something good” for their clients: a structure designed in such a way that it guarantees continuity.

On behalf of the Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labor (VSA), Mr. Lyndon Lewis, the Cabinet Legal Advisor, has expressed the concerns shared also by the Ministry of VSA. Mr. Lewis reiterated on the fact that “it is imperative that the Police Force is trained to be able to professionally handle encounters with mental health persons.

The Ministry of VSA is committed to addressing the issue at hand and supports the idea of revisiting laws which can be amended to facilitate the effective functioning of the Mental Health Institutes.

The Minister was pleased with the discussion that took place. Having all the respective entities at the table allowed for a constructive dialogue to manage this current crisis we are facing in our community. It was made clear that all parties involved shared the same concerns and interest to tackle the problem at hand. As stated by the Mental Health Foundation, “what is important is that we look further than just fixing the problems of now. We need to focus on finding out the causes of the problem so that we can implement preventative measures”.

As the final point of the meeting, the Minister emphasized the importance of forming a committed alliance between all entities present at the meeting, stating that “a lack of finances cannot and should not be our limitation. We need to work together, for this is a priority”. All entities were then tasked by the Minister to research within their expertise the current mental health issues on the island along with advice as to how these measures can be tackled – amending laws to facilitate the entities being a main step.

Another agenda point brought up by the Minister was focusing on drug & alcohol abuse by youths. All entities came to a unanimous agreement to creating a taskforce proposed by the Minister which reinforces a commitment by all parties. The topic of youth drug & alcohol abuse will be discussed during the next meeting along with a formal agreement being recognized. At current, this new alliance will be meeting at least once per month to discuss mental health issues along with providing solutions on how to mitigate this problem.


Waste Collection Schedule available online on the Government Website and in the GIP

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) – The Department of Infrastructure from the Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development, and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), has released the waste collection schedule from contractors, and these can be found at the following link on the Government of Sint Maarten website:

The waste collection schedule is also being published in the Government Information Page (GIP). This will be published once over a number of days but will be available online at the above-mentioned link.

The collection schedule covers Parcel 1 contractor Meadowlands B.V., Parcel 2 Garden Boys B.V., Parcel 3 All Waste in Place N.V., Parcel 4 Meadowlands B.V., Parcel 5 Avyanna Cleanup & Construction, Parcel 6 West Indies Landscaping Company N.V., Parcel 7 Meadowlands B.V.


Port St. Maarten Management discussions with NCL facilitates port calls by Norwegian Gem in August

PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten Management is very pleased that Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) will resume cruise calls to the destination starting in August with the Norwegian Gem.

The port had strategic discussions with NCL resulting in Port St. Maarten being one of the first destinations among others to receive cruise calls. The port will also be looking for additional opportunities and will continue to actively engage with the industry.

NCL is one of the three cruise brands within the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Portfolio. The other two brands are Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The three brands have a combined fleet of 28 ships.

NCL President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Harry Sommer announced on Tuesday that its resumption of cruising will commence on July 25 with new itineraries sailing from Europe and the Caribbean.

The Norwegian Gem will carry out seven-day cruises starting on August 15 sailing from La Romana in the Dominican Republic. The Gem will be visiting four destinations including St. Maarten and two days at sea. The ship will operate at a reduced capacity.

Norwegian Gem has a guest capacity of 2394 and 1070 crew. The vessel has a gross tonnage of 93,530 and an overall length of 965 feet. Built in 2007, the Gem was refurbished in 2015.

NCL Holdings launched its SailSAFE Health and Safety program, which is founded on three pillars: 1) Safety for guests and crew with vaccination requirements, universal COVID-19 testing, and enhanced health screening protocols; 2) Safety aboard with medical-grade air filtration, increased sanitation measures and enhanced medical resources; and 3) Safety ashore through the collaboration with land-based tour operator partners to extend health and safety measures to each destination.

“One year has passed when the cruise industry suspended sailings and now the industry is making a comeback. Port St. Maarten will continue to look for opportunities to grow the sector once again which came to a complete standstill with the pandemic. We have the Royal Caribbean Group homeporting out of the country in June and now commercial cruise calls in August.

“The cruise industry has been working and refining their existing health and safety protocols for their guests and they are confident that the measures they have taken will enhance the visitor experience offering the healthiest and safest vacation at sea.

“We would like to once again call on the population to register for the COVID-19 vaccine. It is very important that the majority of the populace is vaccinated reaching herd immunity of at least 70 per cent. This will send a strong signal to the tourism and travel trade including the cruise industry that destination St. Maarten is a safe destination to visit.

“The cruise industry has its own safety ashore criteria and are working in collaboration with land-based tour operator partners to extend health and safety measures to each destination, and therefore, St. Maarten as a cruise destination has to also meet those requirements, and a vaccinated population will fast-track the recovery of cruise tourism. Don’t forget to register for your vaccine,” Port St. Maarten Management said on Tuesday.

To register for the vaccine, you can do so via the online registration form which is available in English, Spanish and Creole at the following link:

For paper-based registration, the “COVID Vaccine Registration Form” can be picked up at several locations, including the Collective Prevention Service (CPS) at the Vineyard Office Park Building, the Division of Labor Affairs at the Simpson Bay Public Service Center in Simpson Bay, Doctors’ offices, the Government Administration Building, and select pharmacies.

Both Cole Bay & Dutch Quarter Community Helpdesks are currently equipped to provide information and can assist persons with registration at either location.


Tamara’s After The Storm in “Presidents’ Collection” at USM

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - After The Storm by Tamara Groeneveldt was presented here last Wednesday to university president Dr. Antonio Carmona Báez, said the author of the poetry book.

The president of the University of St. Martin (USM) received two gift copies of the book from the St. Martin poet in the garden of the campus. Dr. Báez said that After The Storm would be placed in the Presidents’ Collection of the USM library.

All of the books that are introduced at the annual St. Martin Book Fair become part of the collection, said Dr. Báez. 

After The Storm was launched as the “main book” of the St. Martin Book Fair in June 2019, before a large audience at Rancho del Sol, said Jacqueline Sample, president of House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

The book became a bestseller and HNP reprinted After The Storm in July 2020, said Sample.

The Presidents’ Collection is named after the Presidents Forum, which is the symposium of the St. Martin Book Fair, said Dr. Báez. The forum is named for the presidents of the lit fest organizers Conscious Lyrics Foundation (CLF) and HNP, and the collaborating foundation USM.

The 19th annual St. Martin Book Fair, with the theme of “The Cure,” is scheduled for June 3 – 5, 2021.


SSSD hosting free workshop on Career Choices for April 15

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Many parents often worry about what will become of their child without realizing how much influence and input they have in the career or occupation that their child chooses.

Parents are often the first role model and source of information to children.

Consequently, the Student Support Services Division (SSSD) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport is hosting a free workshop, for parents, entitled “Looking Beyond: Helping Your Child with Career Choices” on Thursday, April 15, 2021.  This workshop will be aiming to inform parents about various ways they may offer support to their child’s future career success. 

This free workshop will be held online.  Parents can register in advance by calling SSSD at 543-1235 and registrants will then receive an invitation by email.  On the day of the event, participants can click the link on SSSD’s Facebook page and join the online workshop from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

According to SSSD officials, with this free workshop, they will be aiming to provide parents of secondary school students with tips, strategies, and resources to aid their children in researching careers, exploring career options, and helping them decide on a career choice.

“Parents do not have to wait until it is too late, worrying or stressing what will become of their child. They can be actively involved in the process, offering support to their child’s future career success,” the SSSD officials said.

Participants of this workshop are urged to log in and be on time.

The SSSD office is located in the Gatspy’s Building across from the Police Station and next to the WIB. SSSD provides many services to students. Some services include: psychological services, counseling services, speech language pathology services, social work services, educational diagnostic services, career services, and parental workshop.   

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